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Availability and Booking


Please look at the calendar above to check availabilty. The end time of any booking can be found by clicking on an individual entry.

If you wish to book please fill in the form below. This will be sent to our booking clerk, copied to yourself. You will then be contacted by our booking clerk, either by phone/email for further information and when the booking is accepted by email with an invoice.

For general enquiries (non booking) please use our general contact form

Town Hall Booking Form

Is this a booking or general booking enquiry *

Is this a REGULAR or ONE-OFF booking (please select) *

Please select which facilities you require *

PLEASE NOTE: The SALE OF ALCOHOL or the SERVING OF ALCOHOL TO MEMBERS OF A PRIVATE CLUB requires a “Temporary Event Notice”. ~ You must obtain this from Buckinghamshire Council, and ‘Confirm receipt’ of to the Booking Clerk ~

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